Thursday, March 25, 2010

TILT: It's like a a Snapshots post, only lazier

Still, a few things I love:

Getting most of my stuff done this week. That's right, me, with the attention span of a goldfish, and this during Spring Break, with a constant MomcomehereMomlookitMomMomMom in my ear, guilt for neglecting motherhood while working, and guilt for neglecting work while mothering (and the stink eye for my husband when he came home and asked what I did today). Still, all in all, things went smoothly. I can juggle, and sometimes I only drop one or two of the balls.

The impromptu conversation I had with a lady the other day that began with "Well, after the condor bit me and the kestrel scratched my hand up, the golden eagle tried to land on my head. That one was pretty bad."

Being able to change gears and shut down after getting aforementioned stuff done. Lending an ear. Fetching a Band-Aid. Still getting way too much credit for these things.

My husband's backpedaling. "Well, that's probably the way it goes for less experienced writers. I mean ... writers who are just getting on their feet. No, I mean, you know, you don't usually write for the biggest publications out there ... I'm in trouble already, huh?"

My son's photography. Seriously. I got more than a few "Wow; he's going to surpass you" comments on the last posting. The shot below is another example. He keeps them coming. (As a side note, one thing I don't love so much? "Mom, I got a shot of the hummingbird. Did you get a shot of the hummingbird? Do you want to see my settings?" From an eight-year-old.) Snapshots post to come. He said he likes when I do one "with stories you write about me," so I'd better get going on that.

Farts. No, wait. That's everyone in this house but me.

Teaching my son chess. It actually worked! I should have done it long ago. Now he's all about strategy and thinking ahead and making sure we use the en passant rule. When did he get old enough to be a challenging game opponent? So cool.

Picnics in the back yard. Chips and personal pizzas fresh from the kitchen (can't bring those to the park), surrounded by weeds his flowers and hummingbirds as the day faded and the moon rose.

Sleep. Which isn't to say I've gotten much lately. What is it about absence and fondness? I'm awfully fond of the idea of sleeping lately. On that note, happy week. Good night.


Crisse said... Best Blogger Tips

I love reading your blog. It's real life and I relate in so many ways! Especially the "momcomehere, momlookatthis, mommommom" as I try to actually accomplish things and the ever present guilt as I divide my life between work and family.