Thursday, March 18, 2010

An article

I had an article come out this month. I wanted to link it here, but for the life of me couldn't really figure out anything profound to say about it other than what's in the article. Go check it out anyway. Not for me, of course, but for the story. The people. Dawn, the woman in the story, has been searching for her sister, a missing adult, for ten years.

I really can't identify, but her story touches me, deeply, and I can't imagine it wouldn't do the same to anyone. You can't help imagining, What if it was me? What if it was my sister, or child? I guess the biggest thing is probably ... no peace. No sense of being at peace. No lounging on the couch, long go-nowhere conversations, no knowledge that sure I should call my sister, but I'll see her this weekend. Not even the difficult closure of losing a loved one.

Of course, if you know anything at all, help out. Missing adults kind of get forgotten. Also, hug your family. Call your siblings. Be lame. Make sure your loved ones know they are loved.

Thank you, Dawn, for sharing your story. Thanks also to Jo Alice, and thank you to your entire family. I truly hope you find her.

Also? I used to think this parenting thing was all about parenting. And Arizona? It's about the desert, the dirt, the animals, forget the people. And how am I going to link all that together, and why do I feel like it all belongs together, in a single narrative of bringing up my son and myself in this world? Well, maybe it's the people too. The connections we all make. I maintain that I'm better with animals than people, but Arizona's people are starting to grow on me.