Where have I seen your stuff?

I have had both my writing and photography published in a variety of publications, both print and online. I have written articles for Times Publications, Lovin' Life after 50, the East Valley Tribune, the Arizona Republic, Arizona Highways, and other newspapers and magazines. My photographs have appeared in Times Publications, the East Valley Tribune, and the Arizona Republic; as well as in numerous other publications and commercial uses. My most recent articles, written for Times, can be viewed here, here, here, and here. You can view my photography, much of which has been published, on my Flickr page.

Whereabouts do you live, exactly?

Queen Creek-abouts, more or less. It's southeast of Phoenix. I couldn't tell you more precisely even if I wanted to. I need a GPS to get out of my own neighborhood.

Why do you violate your son's privacy like this? Everyone knows his NAME, for heaven's sake.

Because I'm not a paranoid nutcase (no offense to paranoid nutcases), and I realize that someone online reading that my son is named David, even if that someone is a pervy wanker who is too stupid to go anywhere other than a nature blog for his jollies, really doesn't endanger my son in any way whatsoever. I am fiercely protective of my son in real life, and that's what matters. Also, he loves being included in my writing. If he ever decides he wants out, I'll respect his wishes. But he really loves it. This is our thing.

One more thing about names -- I use real names because I kind of hate the fake-name thing when I'm reading other blogs. I just care more about your story if your daughter is named Hannah or Chloe or really anything other than DD or Little Miss or some other fake name, though I do understand others' choices to respect the privacy of friends and family. I just figure if I'm writing about someone, the name is the least of that person's worries. And for the love of God, no more Beans. I know a million kids "named" Bean.

Do you really have ADHD? I read that just means you're lazy.

No more lazy than you, assuming you fall somewhere between Homer Simpson and an Olympic athlete. Believe me, if I could will it away, I would. Still, it makes life interesting. And by "interesting" I usually mean "infuriating." It looks like we've got a new generation of it, too. Fun times.

UR killing ur son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ stop forcing him to touch so many icky, icky creatures!!!!!!

I have a set of pictures you'll love, then! Go check it out.

Seriously, I don't force him. I teach him reasonable caution, but the animal affinity thing is all him. Still, your e-mails are funny.

Why don't you write more about your husband?

A few reasons. First, he's slightly more private than me or my son, though he enjoys most of what I write about him. Second, we have less variety in our interactions. We cuddle. We watch nerdy sci-fi shows. We fight about sex. We fight about having fought about sex. We eat more Panda Express than we should. Our life is usually comfortable, and pretty great. He is a good sport.

His name is Aaron. He does not mind the Internet knowing his name either.

I'm coming to Arizona! Where should I go first?

I'm putting together a list of recommendations, though it's subject to my own personal quirks and biases (and also to the fact that I'm usually traveling with an eight-year-old). To supplement it and until then, poke around the Arizona Tourism or Arizona Highways Magazine sites for some good ideas.

Can I hire you to take photographs?

It depends on what you're looking for, but if you like my photos and live locally, drop me a line and we'll go from there. If you're looking for a less-expensive alternative to document events, take shots for your website, or take portraits, drop me a line. If you want shots of your kid(s) similar to what I take of my son, I would absolutely love to oblige; just make sure we pick a well-lit afternoon/evening. 

How did you get started blogging?

I was procrastinating the writing I was supposed to turn in that evening. I try to be better about that now. And if not, hey, at least you get more blog updates!