Best posts

Some that I like.


The night I wore a hundred black widows: I get covered in spiders, and also end up shirtless. My favorite.

Sunday ritual: My dad humiliated me on a regular basis; but I really, really miss it. (Also kind of meaningful.)

You're literally killing me (not really): I am a pretentious grammar snob. I actually received my first hate e-mail for this one, so go me. (It accused me of "hypocrasy.")

Things I Hate-with-murderous-rage-for-no-good-reason Thursday: My husband tries to hit on me, and other things that went wrong that day.


30: I turn 30. Duh.

Looking back: The story about when I gushed more blood than I knew I contained, managed to not die, and also made another human, who also lived. It was a pretty good day.

Everything dies, baby: My son blurts out death-related stuff, and I love him for it.

He's an animal: We love, and are, animals.

Word to my mother: I love my own mom almost as much as being one. Also, she does not like to be startled.

Happy birthday, Dad: On the day my dad would have been fifty.

So beautiful it hurts: Beautiful son-related stuff. Also, super pretty pictures.