Thursday, March 11, 2010

Things I Love

Because, if I'm going to embrace a weekly theme, can you really see me doing Wordless Wednesdays?

Some things I'm loving today:

My boy's birthday is today. I keep being afraid that I'll be done with the fun-loving kid years, but my kid? He's some kind of awesome. Growing up like you wouldn't believe, but all kid.

Cake baking. Not cake-baking-aftermath cleanup, though.

A boy calls 911 to save his family -- from gunmen. I've heard the kid-calls-an-ambulance stories, and those kids heroes. But this? Whoa. Just listen to it, and see if you don't get choked up. That kid stepped up.

I just remembered Buzzard Day is coming. I'm ridiculously happy about it.

Dark chocolate.

Wildflower season is here. Expect flower closeups, flowers-from-below-with-sky, flower-with-smiling-kid-bokeh, and many other floral clich├ęs in the coming days.

Son, light, Preserve. Sigh.

The Preserve rocks. Well, it always does, but it's golden right now. Literally. Also, the birds are awesome. My son and I ran into a fellow the other day who was new to both the area and to photography. He grabbed a shot of the black-crowned night heron we were all ogling before running on, saying "I want to get a shot of each bird in here." I didn't have the heart to tell him. Still, that's the cool thing about places like that. You never really run out of material.

Good stuff. Happy Thursday, y'all.


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