Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Photography, parental pride edition

You know what I haven't shared in AGES? My son's pictures. He takes some pretty good stuff, y'all.

You know what's both awesome and jarring? These aren't all shots I would have taken. Some are the same, but many are not. He does more closeups, more detail studies. Did you know there were so many ways to look at turkey vulture feathers? I didn't.

My son is becoming different from me. How weird. And cool.

(I know. Not THAT different. You'll notice a certain affinity for birds, bugs, and pretty light.)

So in honor of my son's talent, in honor of National Photo Month, and in honor of I Don't Do This Nearly Often Enough, enjoy:

P.S. Did you know it was National Photo Month? I was thinking of doing something on the blog in honor of it -- a print giveaway, maybe. Any suggestions? Would you participate if I did something, or would I look like even more of a presumptuous show-off?
P.S. I did start one. Come join!


Thérèse said... Best Blogger Tips

Way to go! Bravo to your son.

Christina Wilsdon said... Best Blogger Tips

My computer's doing something dumb because it only shows me two pix again and again, but they're both pretty--love the red flower on green background. Your son must be so proud when he sees the images on the screen.

Looking forward to the search-terms article--I always get a laugh out of the ones I see for mine; still can't figure out how someone landed on my site by typing "bare bottoms in Brimwell."

Christina Wilsdon said... Best Blogger Tips

Your boy's got a good eye!!

Kim Hosey said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks! I think so too.

monstergirlee said... Best Blogger Tips

I love that your son likes photography and is learning so much from you. It'll be cool to watch his style develop.

BTW - I would totally participate in a giveaway of one of your wonderful prints!

Barbara said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, beautiful photos! He's a natural, I do believe!

Kim Hosey said... Best Blogger Tips

@monstergirlee: Thanks! I totally agree. It's fun, if I go back, to watch both his and my style/skills grow and develop.

And I will have to get on the giveaway. Thanks for the support! :-)

@Barbara: Thank you. I believe so too!

ecuakim said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Kim! Thanks for posting on my blog. Happy to meet you!