Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shrek, chimpanzees, world suffering, and an idea

People ask me how I pose him. Short of the occasional "Do it again! Only over there, in the pretty light!" I don't. This stuff just happens. He throws his head back and laughs. Reaches out to brush a backlit weed. Sits on a stump, before a snowy canyon, and raises his arms to the sun, as if conducting photosynthesis of the soul. I don't arrange these things. They're just ... him.

It's the same with our conversations. Stuff I say is nothing compared to stuff he says sometimes. I couldn't plan it if I tried. Yesterday, an abrupt conversation went like this:

(Preceded by Fiona's announcement that she's pregnant in Shrek the Third): "I'm sad the baby died inside you."

"Well, yeah. Me too. But that was a long time ago now, and we have each other, and..."

"No, I mean, really. I would have made a good brother. I'd have my other arm around him-slash-her*, and I'd be a good brother."
*This is really how the kid talks. No they/them nonsense for him.

"I know. You would be."

"And this week one of our words is newborn, and I was telling my teacher about the baby, and it made me feel like crying. I didn't, but my cheeks did that thing. Not the throwing up thing. The fifty-percent-cry thing."

"Aw, sweetheart..."

"So what about chimps? And people in the earthquake place?"

"What about... What?"

"What about when they die? And people don't care? I want to be an animal expert and teach everyone about animals and the world for my job, and that one lady already does that for chimpanzees. But what about for now? Who does that for poor people? What about when the earthquake place is done being in the news, and they're still poor?"

"Well, there are ways we can help. We can talk to others, just like you're doing. We can realize jus how lucky we are. People who can are donating money, from all over the world, to help. Maybe some of those people will remember to care about it after the earthquake is old news."

"I want to donate money. Let's donate money."

"We really don't have any money right now."

"But we're rich!"

"Well, yes, we are. But as far as cash money, we are barely paying our own bills right now. We can find other ways -- remember that picture I sold online so money could go to Haiti?"

"OK. I want to do that."

"Do what?"

"Sell my pictures. Let's take them to a store. Can we take them to a store tomorrow? Then we'll send the money to the earthquake ... to Haiti. Or to other people who need it. Maybe to people in Haiti AND people here. We can do both."

"Well, that's a wonderful idea, but it's not quite that simple. If you don't do it one at a time and on the group I did, I don't know off the top of my head. You'd have to organize something..."

"OK. Let's do that, then. Because I want to help. And my pictures are good."

So now I'm trying to figure out if there's any hope of organizing some photo auction to raise money, or photo donations, or ways to get other people on board, preferably some in Arizona but online if that's a better way to go. I have no freaking idea. I don't do these things. But he woke up asking about it this morning, and he's serious.

And his pictures really are good.


kirsten said... Best Blogger Tips

Kim, there's a group on flickr - I think it's called Haiti Charity Auctions - that is for people who want to "sell" their photos for donations to Haiti. You add your photos to the group and set a closing date for the auction. The winner has to send you a copy of the confirmation e-mail that they sent their money to the charity you specified, and you send them back the print. Maybe David could try that?

Kim Hosey said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you so much for the input.

I actually sold one picture through that group already, but it's a long-ish process and a one-picture-at-a-time thing. Still very worthy, and perhaps something I'll revisit.

Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children said... Best Blogger Tips

He sounds like an amazing kid. What a kind hearted soul.

Gorgeous photo up at the top, by the way!

Mary said... Best Blogger Tips

Your son is awesome, and he is making me cry! What a great little human being.

Jill said... Best Blogger Tips

1. Is it too early in his dear little life to write a book about him? It would sell like hotcakes (do hotcakes actually sell that fast?)

2. Little kids have been creating fundraisers for these disasters off the wall. One little girl started selling really simply made bead bracelets for $2 minimum a piece and sent the money to Haiti. Some people gave $40 and took one bracelet. They were just beads on a string! If he does really good photography and he's a kid wanting to do something great, you can easily get the word out, set up a webpage, and the donations will come in (at least the news makes it sound that easy). The key is to get the word out. You might want to call somebody from the local newspaper for ideas.

Kim Hosey said... Best Blogger Tips

Jennifer: Thank you. He really is. There's something so tender about him. Add to that my own bias, and it's just really hard to hold back sometimes. :-)

Mary: Thanks. I actually teared up when I saw the picture. I'm blunt and tough and unemotional, except wit this stuff. Then, I'm a sap.

Jill: 1.) My manuscript was sorta focused on that. Would need a little more focus for a book, but of course I'm sold on the topic.

2.) It does sound like they're really taking off, and that it's easy. I just don't know if it's that simple, you know? Maybe I'm making it too complicated. But then, it did give me a nice excuse to show off. Like I really need one.

Kim Hosey said... Best Blogger Tips

Obviously I meant "except WITH this stuff." Man, I hate typos. And on my own blog! said... Best Blogger Tips

Sounds like your raising a good kid there, and yes his pictures are really good!
Good luck on the fund raiser!

mommaruth said... Best Blogger Tips

"...raises his arms to the sun, as if conducting photosynthesis of the soul."

What a beautiful line.

Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I'll be sure to keep coming back to yours now that we've found each other!

Allison said... Best Blogger Tips

That's so sweet. You have a wonderfully, emotional little boy. You are obviously doing a fantastic job raising him.

ck said... Best Blogger Tips

That was a touching post. And a beautiful photograph.

You guys are such a talented family.

Keely said... Best Blogger Tips

What an amazing kid you have there!

Kim Hosey said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you, everyone. He really is something. (Of course, I MAY be a little biased...)

We might do something online, but he was wondering if there was something in his school/community he could set up. I think there's something about the face-to-face, if not with those he wants to help then at least with others who want to help too. We shall see.

Dawn said... Best Blogger Tips

First of all... he is awesome! ;)
As far as the project goes... the first thing I thought of was notecards to sell at local shops. It would mean some money up front for the printing but he could sell them with the idea that all profits would go to Haiti.

Dawn said... Best Blogger Tips

I just though too that you might even get a local print shop to donate the printing...

Kim Hosey said... Best Blogger Tips

Dawn, those are great ideas! Thanks!

EdenSky said... Best Blogger Tips

What a great kid! His stuff really is good too! If you're interested you could try:
People are auctioning off photography, crafts, handmade clothing and lots of other stuff.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't know if David is still interested in doing this, but you could always get a deviant art account and sell prints there? His pictures are definitely good enough to sell :]