Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I would like to wish my husband a very happy anniversary.

I really wish I had more to offer him than "Happy Anniversary," and maybe, a, erm, celebratory activity when he gets home from work -- even though by then it'll be the next day.

But we don't have much any money, so we both kind of agreed to get each other less financial stress for our anniversary by not worrying about buying some obligatory present. Still, I wish I could give him something. Do something for him, at least.

But this is what I do. I write. Ramble. Tell. I tell way too damn much, according to him. Less telling is most definitely more in my husband's opinion. (Still, he'd known me for almost 15 years by our wedding, so you be the judge. Either that's not really his opinion, or he's not so good at thinking things through.)

So, I guess I can just tell. I'll give him a present by keeping it short: I love you. Almost daily Sometimes you snore, or sleep in past lunch, or fart, or are unbelievably stubborn, or do that thing where I'm working on the computer and you hover behind it until I want to throttle you and so I pointedly ask if you want the computer and then you get mad and want to throttle me -- and still, I never waver from knowing that I absolutely for sure married the only guy I ever could have married. (And you know how down I am on mushiness, since I lectured you on it last night.) And once in a while, I remember just how damn lucky I really am.

Here, a commemorative shot, taken a few days ago. All the pictures I have of him are doing things with us, because that's who he is.

And, other readers, lest you think I'm long-suffering: I frequently sometimes cry for no reason, or fall asleep at 9, or fart (which my husband, wisely, claims never to have witnessed), or am unbelievably stubborn, or do that thing where I bitchily ask who the heck put the peanut butter in the cereal cupboard, when I know darn well who put it there, just so I can have someone at whom to vent; and he never stops tolerating loving me.

You want proof we're meant for each other? The last time he admitted to checking me out in public, this is what I was doing (at the actual time of the checking out, seriously):

Sexy, huh?

Happy Anniversary, Aaron.


Aaron said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you; that was better than (almost...heheheh) any other present you could have gotten me. I think the best part was when I got to read about YOUR faults in a public forum for once...:) No, seriously, that was beautiful honey. I hope I can get you something that will mean as much to you as that did to me (perhaps the snoring muzzle from the "as seen on tv" store). Happy Anniversary, Kim. I love you.

Jill said... Best Blogger Tips

I never knew much about your marriage because everything we "talk" about seems to be about the little boy, but that was so romantic! Happy anniversary, you two. And those two pictures are fantastic.

Kim Hosey said... Best Blogger Tips

Aaron: I'm glad you liked it. :-)

Now put the peanut butter in the right cupboard, darn it. And leave me alone while I'm on the computer.

Jill: Thank you.

Leslie F. Miller said... Best Blogger Tips

We are a lot alike. In many ways. Though you are much younger. :-( I read this on my phone and couldn't comment from there (user unfriendly iPhone--blech). Just wanted to say that and tell your husband how sweet he is.

Kim Hosey said... Best Blogger Tips

Leslie: We are a lot a like. I wish we lived closer together than across the freaking country.

And they might be pretty different, but I think our relationships to our husbands are similar too. Passionate, irreverent, imperfect, perfect once in a while.

Thank you. I will pass on the compliment. He is a pretty good catch. :-)

Laurie - Manic Motherhood said... Best Blogger Tips

This was a great gift! Much better than any generic thing you could buy at the mall. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.