Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spider Sunday 3-18-12

Another reason to geek out on 3/14
If you're a dork (and if you're reading this you probably are), you know March 14 was Pi Day. What you probably didn't know -- I didn't until yesterday -- is that it was also National Save a Spider Day! Credit goes to my aunt, Heather, for passing on this reminder from Heloise. I guess it's only fitting, now that I've got spider pictures coming at me from across the country and even world, that I get my family and friends in on it too. You guys "celebrate" spider day weekly and sometimes daily on my Facebook wall on and in my inbox. You're all weird and wonderful. I shall become the spider queen and you will all be my spider-rescuing, spider-info-hoarding minions. Mwahaha!

I can't believe I didn't share this earlier
I'm not too big into Tumblr, but you all must follow this site, FACT: Spiders are Adorable, as long as they're posting content. Spider humor, spider fact tidbits, spider photos, spider macros (of both the close-up photography and humorous-text-having varieties), and all forms of spider love. Go see it.

Brown(ie) points: Brown recluse in the news
The brown recluse spider, Loxosceles reclusa, has been featured quite a bit in the news lately -- from the apparent spread of their territory and research to better define our understanding of their range, to recent cases like college student Nikki Perez, who was almost blinded due to a brown recluse bite. It's a medically significant spider, with unique and potentially quite harmful venom, and climate change could be affecting its range, so this is important stuff. Of course, there's quite a bit of difference between the predicted "possible migration of the spider by 2020" to new areas, and the melodramatic headlines ("America in Danger!") that I began seeing this week. This is what a brown recluse looks like, with a coin for scale. Its range is the Southeast to the Midwest. And if you have a giant brown spider on your wall, it's still probably not a brown recluse. Just, you know, be smart. Most people are never bitten by any spider, so don't start worrying about inevitable blindness/ear rotting/body-part-loss/general doom just yet.

Spider sensitivity training
I love this! The American Museum of Natural History is preparing to open an interactive exhibit, "Spiders Alive!" starting in July. Sensitive to the needs of the spiders, reaching out to the humans ... everyone wins. And we get to learn more about these amazing arthropods. I'm quite fond of Norman I. Platnick, the museum’s curator of spiders (although I'm also quite jealous of his profession). A few quotes:
Of the new exhibit, (Mr. Platnick said), “I’ve always argued that it would draw as many people as the dinosaurs, if not more.”
Mr. Platnick, who has been at the museum since 1973, had long lobbied for a permanent hall devoted to spiders, insects and other arthropods. Not having one, he said, “is a major gap for a major natural history museum.”
I'm glad to see arachnids have such an awesome advocate. Now who wants to pay for me to go to the exhibit in July?

Spiders look bigger to arachnophobes
Yes, I saw the recent article. My husband agrees wholeheartedly, and feels vindicated for the many incidents in which I may have implied he's a big baby for being afraid of something half the size of his pinky fingernail. I don't know, though. I see a sea of emerald sparkles in a jumping spider's eyes, and a veritable forest of hair on its back. Maybe it's just fixation that makes the spiders appear massive.

My husband doesn't particularly care why. They're huge, according to him.

Oh, well. I've seen him watching them and photographing them when he thinks I'm not looking. And he does know there's not an army of invading brown recluses. It's a start.


Dawn Suzette said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the links and info Kim. Spider Sunday is great!

Thérèse said... Best Blogger Tips

Feeling cleverer by the day... lol

Kim Hosey said... Best Blogger Tips

@Dawn: Thank you! It's my favorite day of the week now. :-)

@Thérèse: Haha. I'm pretty sure you're already plenty clever.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes, we celebrate Save a Spider day here in our house! Last year, I wrote a special post on the technique we use for saving spiders. :-) (Link:

Kim Hosey said... Best Blogger Tips

@Cagey: Ha; love it! I can't believe I didn't know about the observance before now.

As I was reading your comment, my husband came into the office: "Um, Kim? Is there any reason there's a cup with a book over it on the bathroom shelf?" You can guess what was in the cup.

drdave said... Best Blogger Tips

From a fellow in Phoenix, found you via FreeThoughtBlogs. I am a great fan of spiders. They keep our house and garden clean. We haven't had a cockroach inside in two years, and we don't spray.

Kim Hosey said... Best Blogger Tips

drdave: Yea! A fellow Arizonan, freethinker, AND spider lover! Very pleased to meet you.

And yes. Spiders are excellent pest control. I much prefer the occasional indoor spider to cockroaches and crickets.

Nathaniel W said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm excited about the AMNH exhibit! I was just writing to somebody else about it before I read this post. It was one of the contributing factors behind me succumbing to a Groupon museum membership offer (along with the Future of Space Exploration exhibit). If you end up in New York for some reason this summer, let me know and I'll totally take you to the exhibit.

Kim Hosey said... Best Blogger Tips

Nathaniel: Cool! The Future of Space Exploration exhibit does look awesome too. I have a hard time making an excuse to even travel as far as Tucson, much less New York; but if I ever manage, I'll certainly take you up on that!