Sunday, June 5, 2011

We really have done many a spider mama eating

Don't worry; I'm still catching up on my Species a Day writeups. My son just got out of school, and invited every boy between the ages of 5 and 12 in the city over, so I'm rediscovering how to work at home during summer break.

For now, he's rediscovered the cartoon Gargoyles, so I can catch up for a second. Probably only a second, and I want to sneak outside to photograph some spiders and damselflies, so I'll cheat.

I found this website the other day. It scans your Tweets and makes up new Tweets. It's dumb, but it seems to know me creepily well, sort of. I'll even ignore its lack of grammar and syntax and the fact it thinks I'm into sailors for some reason.

My next Tweets, apparently:

  • A typical argument: khosey1 posted a photo: More vulturey goodness. More fireworks, again
  • Species a photo: You guessed it, more shots of spider me happy.
  • I have a glowing American avocet, Recurvirostra.
  • Photo: I love a female. Check it out today!
  • Everything happens for my head Oooga booga! khosey1 posted a photo: They make me happy.
  • Day 24: Finch. Not quite as crisp.
  • khosey1 posted a photo: His underside. I have too many sailors around here.
  • It liked us, but does only slightly relevantly, here.
  • Yeah; an easy one. The first from below, too. I'll have more shots from its?
  • My son. Honestly, almost the specific species.
  • We really did many a spider mama eating.
  • Species a lot lately. I ... Species a photo: Ed fills in my backyard. OK, help me Voldemort.
  • Sailor's delight: Mothra. Lizard on a post.
  • I love a typical discussion between my desert tortoise.
  • My recent, silly, just-for-fun blog post has nothing?
  • A hundred black widows, where you'd expect?
  • Things I wasn't sure it's too many sailors around here. I just realized I had this guy.
  • Saguaro cactus: It was recently emerged from the ducks.
  • Rounding out all my greater yellowlegs.
  • On being a backyard shot: Bubbles! Not quite as many now.
  • It's too many black widow times now. You guessed it, more coming.
  • Super fun. My people are super happy about the only slightly lit weed.
  • It was the additional mantis from my below.

I'm off to find a mantis. There aren't any from my below, last I checked.


monstergirlee said... Best Blogger Tips

This would be my next tweet - total nonsense. And I had such high expecations.

"Congrats to and have to make such a hoodie under Settings, Notifications you Comcast? Which ones?"

Kim Hosey said... Best Blogger Tips

Ha; maybe there's too much variety in your tweets.

Here's what I got for you:

"Oh wait. That's normal. Oh hon, that sucks. Super big night is what to water my skin - gag, almost."

"I'm wearing a bummer. Hugs to watch reruns of Christmas dinner. YUM. When did your body, and all the."

"It's really like 5 yr olds. re: Weiner Story. I am just remembered I do like a week old?"