Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bird Count and self promotion (plus pretty pictures!)

First, a big thank you to The Magnifying Glass for featuring me yesterday! I get to talk about my son, birds, and myself. Also, pretty pictures. Hooray! Go read it. Stick around and explore the whole site. Good stuff.

Second, and related, who's gearing up for the Great Backyard Bird Count? ...anyone? Bueller? No? If not, get thee to a backyard, or a park, or, well, anywhere, and participate! It takes about fifteen minutes, though of course, if you're like us, you can take considerably more time. If you're in North America and you like birds, or you think citizen science rocks, or you have a budding naturalist in the family, or if you want to learn what kinds of birds live in your area and maybe tell a certain husband that "cactus wren" does not encompass all brownish small birds -- whatever the reason, tell me if you're doing it, and where. It's super easy. Go here for instructions.

As an early Bird Count post, here are just a few of the birds in my neck of the woods.

Osprey (with unfortunate fish):

Red-winged blackbird (red shoulders hidden):

Yellow-headed blackbirds (one of which dropped a missile shortly before I snapped this -- now THAT'S dedication on my part):


Mourning dove:

Anna's hummingbird (male):

Inca dove (with saguaro in background):

Great-tailed grackle (male):

I think I'll add a few more throughout the day. Stay tuned, next, for a belated Valentine's/birthday letter for Arizona.


Dawn said... Best Blogger Tips

Such great shots Kim. I could not pick a fav.
Thanks for doing the interview at TGM. So awesome!

Kim Hosey said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you, and thank you!

Eren said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you so much Kim for your interview. I would have never found your amazing blog without it! Loved the spider posts!!!

FireMom said... Best Blogger Tips

SHOOT! I'm a day behind on the count because I was 4859465 days behind on my reader.

I love that yellow headed blackbirds picture. A lot. As in I want to buy it. Just saying.

Mary said... Best Blogger Tips

Ohh, Love the shot of the osprey and blackbird! We have those in RI as well as the mourning doves. Beautiful work!

Maggie May said... Best Blogger Tips

lovely lovely work.

Kim Hosey said... Best Blogger Tips

If I missed you, thank you all for your compliments. The results from the bird count will be up in a few days, along with more photos. :-)