Thursday, April 22, 2010

Things I love

This guy's amazingly freaking awesome website. Found it via his blog (I'm a tad obsessed with just about everyone at ScienceBlogs), and it's absolutely gorgeous. Must... get... macro lens.

I was featured on this week's imagine childhood blog. Go look at mine and tell everyone how great I am. Check out our nature walk as well as some others. It's good stuff. Thanks to the folks at imagine childhood.

Softpaws, the savior of our furniture. At least, they'd better be. Someone is going to get his paws hog tied otherwise.

Having an uncharacteristically productive week. Hooray for being a competent adult.

Ladybugs. They're adorable, and they eat aphids, which are considerably less adorable. We watched a ladybug absolutely decimate and devour an aphid the other day, after which the ladybug seemed slightly less cuddly, but much cooler.

Dumb luck. You know when you're leaning back in a chair and you have that feeling of absolute inevitability, during which you haven't quite fallen but you know it's coming? I had that feeling -- over this prickly pear, while I was leaning over it face-first to get a good angle for a picture. Somehow, I tripped on top of the clumsiness that had already put me in that predicament, and actually threw myself backward. Two idiot moves canceled each other out. Woo me. This thing is pretty huge. It would have been a full-body affair. Judging from the experience of my brother, who did the same thing only with his back side, it would have been fairly unpleasant. (His ordeal included sitting on a pillow for a while afterward, and other consequences that may or may not involve a certain maternal figure of ours pantsing him in the backyard -- but I'm sure he doesn't want me to mention that.)

Arizona sunsets. I know they're cliché to like. But I like to rub it in non-Arizonans' faces  be unoriginal  point out the obvious appreciate them every once in a while anyway.

My husband's dream the other night. He dreamed he was furiously jealous because I'd become close to this character from The Big Bang Theory, and my husband thought his equations were making me all hot and bothered. I love how he apparently sees me. It's not too dramatically far from the truth. My poor husband.

I'll end with a gratuitous sex shot:


SciFi Dad said... Best Blogger Tips

There's nothing quite like bug porn.

Mary said... Best Blogger Tips

LADYBUG SEX! Haha I love this. You're doing great work, lately. Keep it up ladyface.

Kim Hosey said... Best Blogger Tips

SFD: Thanks. It's not the first time. Even my son's taken up my voyeur ways.

Mary: Thanks, girl. I was a little slumpy for a while there, so that's great to hear. :-)

kirsten said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey Kim, check out this webiste too. It's the husband of one of my flickr contacts - he's an entomologist at Harvard & a crazy good photographer. Amazing insect photos!

Sarabella said... Best Blogger Tips

I think you will also like the work of this photographer on Flickr:

Awesome macro bug shots. So glad I discovered your blog.

Kim Hosey said... Best Blogger Tips

Kirsten and Sarabella: Both those sites are great! I'll be doing some serious perusing now, though I'm super jealous of some of those shots.

Thank you both, and thanks for visiting, as always! I'm planning some more insect-related posts soon.